Avant Arte x Yuga to Morph CryptoPunks into Tangible Prints


The curated marketplace celebrated for making art more easily accessible, Avant Arte, joins forces with Yuga Labs to bring all CryptoPunks into the physical art realm through two limited-edition tangible prints: ‘10,000 On Chain’ and ‘Punk On-Chain’.

Printmaker maestros at London’s ‘Make-Ready’ are preparing to craft the Avant Arte CryptoPunks prints meticulously, available for just 48 hours from October 26 for €600 a piece.

The tangible 10,000 On Chain artwork showcases all 10,000 Punks in one singular 60cm x 60cm UV pigment print, sealed with silkscreen matte varnish. Available for anyone and everyone, collectors will receive both a physical and digital certification to boost the value and nature of these artworks.

Punk On-Chain, however, is an exclusive opportunity for CryptoPunks holders only, commissioning physical 40cm x 40cm prints of Punks to already existing on-chain owners who are interested.

CryptoPunks in the Tangible Art World

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time these pixelated Punks have found themselves being explored and appreciated in the real world. To bring its NFTs into contemporary art museums, Yuga Labs kindly handed CryptoPunk #305 to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, in November 2022 as part of its ‘Punks Legacy Project’. 

Expanding the reach of CryptoPunks’ heritage initiative, Yuga Labs similarly gifted the hub to Europe’s most extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, the Centre Pompidou, CryptoPunk #110. Consequently, the art institution began spotlighting the NFT as part of its intriguing blockchain-based exhibition called ‘Policies of the Immaterial: From Certificate to Blockchain’, which is still viewable to this day, alongside other OG collectibles like Autoglyph #25. 

Now, in further celebrating CryptoPunks’ physical stance, but, this time, through Avant Arte’s expertise, the creative world continues to embrace blockchain and NFTs in contemporary culture, forging interesting new avenues for CryptoArt appreciation and collaboration. 

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