BAPE x BAYC Join Forces for Next-Level Streetwear Attire


Fusing fashion and crypto art yet again, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is stylishly teaming up with the pioneering Japanese streetwear brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), to premiere its highly anticipated streetwear clothing line at the Hong Kong ApeFest, running from November 3-5.

Expanding the delivery of these fashion favorites, lucky BAYC NFT owners can gain access to the attire through a safeguarded token-protected gateway. Additionally, the garments will become accessible to collectors of Bapetaverse NFTs before the general public gets a look in via BAPE’s physical and virtual stores as of December. 

BAYC’s Reputation in the Fashion Scene

BAYC, with a trading volume generating nearly $3 billion, is no stranger to the fashion world. In September 2021, Adidas purchased BAYC #8774 for $156,000. The sportswear behemoth then dressed the asset up in it’s brand’s attire in December 2021, calling it ‘Indigo Herz’ for marketing impact in the Metaverse and physical retail world.

In April 2023, Adidas rolled out the NFT collection ‘Indigo Herz Pack’ in light of the NFT character, granting collectors of the coveted assets Superstar shoes and hoodies featuring the celebrated Ape through its ‘Into the Metaverse’ project. The most recent BAYC x Adidas collection, however, is ‘Three Stripes Studio’ — a clothing line with numerous other NFT brands involved, including Punk Comics, G-Money and DeadFellaz. Such clothing items are available as virtual and tangible prizes in the Adidas Metaverse. 

BAYC’s fashion stance doesn’t end there. The luxury fashion house, Gucci, collaborated with BAYC in March 2023 to explore new possibilities in the Web3 sphere. Just one week after the partnership being announced, Gucci unveiled 3,333 ‘Otherside: Relics by Gucci’ NFTs, enabling BAYC Otherside Metaverse members to redeem physical Gucci-crafted KodaPendants attached to silver necklaces for $1,917 (450 $APE) apiece. 

Celebrated rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem have also utilized their own Bored Ape collectibles to feature on official merchandise and spin-off endeavors via IP commercialization rights. Notably, other celebrities owning BAYC NFTs include Paris Hilton, Neymar and Justin Bieber. 

The brand leaves its mark through each pursuit. Now, with the BAPE x BAYC streetwear line under the spotlight, BAYC reaffirms its position as a leading force in the intersection of fashion, art, and blockchain technology. 

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