HYTOPIA Launches Closed Beta Testing for NFT Holders


What is HYTOPIA?

HYTOPIA began as a collection of 10,000 customizable virtual worlds and has since expanded to include its own blockchain, HYCHAIN, and a native token, $TOPIA.

Initially launched as NFT Worlds on Minecraft, HYTOPIA underwent significant changes and rebranding after securing $3M in funding from Delphi Digital and Delphi Ventures.

The ecosystem is designed to provide social and modern gaming features for players, with a toolkit for developers to create games within a voxel-like setting and has integrated web3 elements and tools for world builders allowing optional use of the $TOPIA token and play-and-earn features.

How do NFT holders participate in the closed beta?

To join the beta, NFT holders must connect to the HYTOPIA Testers Discord server, verify their NFT ownership via collab.land, and gain access.

Participants also need a Minecraft account, as the current HYTOPIA client uses Minecraft servers for testing. The development team plans to to introduce HYTOPIA’s own servers in the future and remove the need for Minecraft accounts while maintaining compatibility with legacy Minecraft servers.

The closed beta features two servers:

  • Avatars Battle Arena: This server offers a 20 vs. 20 battle royale experience in a shrinking arena.
  • Gray Boys Factions: A faction-based PvP server where players form teams of up to 20 members to raid and battle for control.

HYTOPIA plans to release weekly updates for the game client, with notes detailing the changes. Some features, such as sound effects, player animations, and NPC behaviors, are still in development and will be added in future updates.

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