Is presale sensation Memeinator the meme cryptocurrency to never miss in 2023?


  • Memeinator aims to destroy weak meme cryptocurrencies using AI-enabled marketing.

  • The presale has unlocked demand, with $528,000 raised to stage 3.

  • The token’s price can rise by strong margins due to unique project features and AI use.

Memeinator (MMTR) may be just five days old in presale, but the frenzy around it is huge. The crypto has become an overnight sensation, generating over $528,000 in presale. But is the fast-occurring presale an indication of the potential for MMTR in 2023?

What is the Memeinator?

Memeinator is a new cryptocurrency that leverages viral marketing and branding to become powerful. The project is built on a core mission to destroy weak meme cryptocurrencies and gain domination.

Think of it this way. Over the past few years, the crypto world has witnessed a proliferation of countless meme projects. Most of these projects have little or no utility, failing to deliver sustainable returns to investors.

Memeinator says it has returned from 2077 and already knows which memes won’t survive in the future. As such, it has come back to destroy them, ensuring only the futuristic names make it to the finish line. The project achieves the mission using its cold and ruthless meme-targeting system that relies on AI. 

In the end, Memeinator wants to become a recognisable meme project, and its token is the most traded. The project team believes the capabilities will enable Memeinator to hit a $1 billion market cap.

Memeinator: Is it a good investment?

Memeinator is not your usual meme cryptocurrency. Its value is derived from clear real-use cases and utility. One of the utility values is gaming. The project team will launch a game where users can take on pathetic memes in combative missions.

When Memeinator is unleashed to its community, users will explore the creative works behind the project. There will be exclusive NFTs for all Memeinator development work. NFTs will entitle holders to gains and future perks, unlocking more value for Memeinator.

What’s more? Memeinator investors can explore a staking feature to be launched. The team says full details for the staking pool and benefits will be given at the end of the presale.

Memeinator token and prediction

Memeinator token, MMTR, will be the medium of exchanging value on the AI meme project. The value of MMTR would depend on the continued use and demand for the Memeinator project.

To unlock value, the Memeinator project team aims to list MMTR on the biggest crypto exchanges. The project will also partner with top influencers and platforms to increase the popularity of the token.

Of importance is also the target of a powerful community expected to boost the value of MMTR. The team is keen on having a powerful following on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and other social networks. When the token is listed, Memeinator will already have a backing to unlock its value.

Owing to the project’s plan, the value of MMTR could skyrocket on hype and usage. Based on prior movements of meme tokens with a wide community, a 10x and up to 50x increase is possible. 

Memeinator tokenomics and presale opportunity

Memeinator will offer 62.5% of its 1,000,000,000 tokens in presale. The presale will be conducted in 29 phases. 15% of the tokens are allocated for marketing and centralised exchange listings.

10% of tokens are set for the development of ongoing product development. 5% is set to liquidity provision on exchanges and 7.5% to the competition pool. The tokens have a quarterly burn to ensure they retain their value.

The token allocation sets Memeinator as an ambitious project for long-term investment. The achievement of key targets could play a significant role in the project’s success.

At its presale, Memeinator token is offered at an attractive price of $0.0112 in stage 3. The price increases at every stage, making it attractive for early birds.

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