Meet LLMWare: An All-in-One Artificial Intelligence Framework for Streamlining LLM-based Application Development for Generative AI Applications


Despite the massive interest in Large Language Models LLMs over the last year, many enterprises are still struggling to realize the full potential of generative AI due to challenges in integrating LLMs into existing enterprise workflows. As LLMs have exploded on the scene, with huge leaps and bounds in model technologies over the last year, development tools have been playing catch up, and to date, there is still a big gap in enterprise-ready unified, open development frameworks to build enterprise LLM-based applications rapidly and at scale. In the absence of a unified development framework, most enterprise development teams have been trying to stitch together various custom tools, open source, different vendor solutions, and multiple different libraries in an attempt to build new custom data pipelines and processes for LLMs, slowing adoption and time-to-value.

Recognizing this need, as a provider of enterprise LLM-based applications in the financial services and legal industries, Ai Bloks has released its development framework in a new open-source library that it is branding LLMWare. According to Ai Bloks CEO Darren Oberst, “As we talked with clients and partners over the last year, we saw most businesses struggling to figure out a common pattern for retrieval augmented generation (RAG), bringing together LLMs with embedding models, vector databases, text search, document parsing and chunking, fact-checking and post-processing, and to address this need, we have launched LLMWare as an open source project to build a community around this framework and democratize RAG best practices and related enterprise LLM patterns.”   

LLMWare addresses several critical unmet needs to develop enterprise LLM-based applications:

  • End-to-end unified RAG framework – brings together models, data pipeline and workflow to start building custom LLM-based applications with your private documents in a few intuitive lines of code in minutes;
  • Truly open with wide model, cloud and platform support to promote reuse of core application logic and avoid “lock-in” with support for both leading API-based models and open source;
  • Designed for enterprise scalable development and private cloud deployment;
  • Developers of all experience levels can get started quickly with dozens of examples of sample code with a wide range of LLM-based application patterns.

llmware is available now on github/llmware-ai, and is packaged as a standard python library (pip install llmware).   

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