Memeinator prediction as presale kicks off on a strong demand


  • Memeinator aims to destroy and take weak meme tokens to oblivion.

  • Memeinator will deliver a 132% return during the presale.

  • A 10x to 50x increase in MMTR value is expected.

Memeinator (MMTR) went on presale on August 29th at an attractive price of $0.01. A week later, investors have bought over $650,000 worth of tokens. Investors particularly look at Memeinator’s immense potential and a 132% ROI during the presale. By the recent buying strengths, Memeinator could be the ultimate meme for 2023 and beyond. 

What is Memeinator and its value proposition? 

Memeinator is an upcoming cryptocurrency that rides the meme mania and frenzy to become viral. The team will invest heavily in branding and marketing to make Memeinator among the most popular projects. But Memeinator carries a huge value proposition.

The project is dubbed as a futuristic meme. Having travelled back from 2077, Memeinator focuses on destroying memes that won’t survive in future. It uses AI to scan the web for poorly designed and low-quality memes and destroys them. The aim is to let only the powerful, impactful, and valuable memes thrive. 

The Memeinator team believes the project’s crucial role in the meme space will enable it to dominate. As more people talk of it, it will increase online mania and cause the price to skyrocket. Combined with powerful AI-enabled marketing, the team believes the token could hit a $1 billion valuation.

Is Memeinator a good investment opportunity?

If history is to repeat itself, Memeinator could be the ideal investment for 2023. Think of big price moves that have happened elsewhere. Dogecoin, Shiba Memu, and PEPE are some tantalising projects that have returned big. Memeinator carries a similar potential, owing to its meme tag and an AI application. 

Investors also look at Memeinator as an ideal project for passive income. The project features a staking feature that lets MMTR buyers commit some tokens for regular rewards. There are also exclusive NFTs, initially available to presale buyers. 

A game feature to be launched once the presale ends also increases the utility of Memeinator. The game lets players engage in enemy pursuits, dismantling rival memes. As such, not only is Memeinator a utility token, but it also offers a fun way to invest.

Memeinator value increases in presale and prediction 

The Memeinator token will be valued at $0.0485 by the end of the presale. The value represents a 132% increase from the initial $0.01 at the beginning of the presale. 

The real value of Memeinator will be realised when the token lists on exchanges. According to the project’s roadmap, the listing will occur on tier 1 exchanges. Listing on leading exchanges makes the token available to many people, helping it increase in value.

A prudential prediction of a 1,000% increase will take the value of Memeinator to 0.485. The prediction is based on similar increases recorded on meme tokens. The value increase could be higher depending on the demand once the token is listed.

In the future, the increase of Memeinator could be as much as 50x. The token features a highly ambitious roadmap and quarterly burn that will help it retain value. Some project features include a fully audited smart contract platform and a resistant army backing it. Memeinator will also launch meme replicants to cement its dominating position. 

The project will also partner with top-tier platforms and influences to supplement its AI-enabled marketing. Once these are implemented, Memeinator price could become unstoppable. 

Memeinator ambitious tokenomics and presale

Memeinator’s presale occurs in 29 stages and is now in the third stage. 62.50% of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be offered during the presale. 15% will be allocated for the project’s marketing and CEX listings. 

The Memeinator team is allocated 10% of the tokens to fund ongoing development activities. 5% will go to liquidity provision and 7.5% to a competition pool. 

The tokenomics underline the strong ambition of the Memeinator team to see the project to fruition. That means the potential for the project to dominate is huge, increasing the viability of its token. 

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