Mempool Founder Mononaut Raises Red Flag Over Bitcoin Layer 2 Implementations


Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions have gained significant traction this year but have also drawn their fair share of criticisms. Mempool founder Mononaut has strongly criticized them and pointed out several drawbacks from a technical standpoint.

Interestingly, Mononaut’s stance gains support as Bitcoin Ordinals founder Casey Rodarmor.

Bitcoin Layer 2 Under Fire

The main objective of Bitcoin Layer-2 networks – which serve as secondary protocols built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain – is to improve scalability and transaction efficiency. This is achieved by offloading transactions from the main blockchain, leading to faster transaction processing and decreased congestion, ultimately resulting in lower fees across the Bitcoin network.

Layer 2s also enable developers to integrate smart contract functionalities on the blockchain, thereby extending the capabilities of the protocol.

However, not everyone is a fan of this concept. Mononaut, for one, has found various aspects of these implementations faulty. In a series of tweets, the Mempool founder argued that if a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution lacks support for the unilateral exit, it essentially functions as a multi-signature system rather than a true Layer 2 solution.

Mononaut also criticized Layer 2 solutions that involve venture capital investors and introduce their own tokens, calling them similar pump and dump schemes.

He also said those that offer “reciprocal rewards” based on deposit amounts are no different from pyramid schemes while simultaneously warning the Layer 2s that are backed by upgradeable Ethereum contracts and controlled by a single entity. He views these to be potential rug pulls waiting to happen.

According to Mononaut, Layer 2s that incentivize locking up coins for extended periods are similar to previous scams such as Hex 3.0. Moreover, Mononaut cautioned against these solutions that claim to be Bitcoin-native but are actually Ethereum multi-signature systems, labeling them as affinity scams.

He went on to highlight the danger of these systems that lack comprehensive technical documentation, equating them to the infamous Bitconnect scam disguised with superficial information.

Bitcoin Layer 2 Explosion This Season?

Prominent Bitcoin educator Dan Held, who is also one of the most vocal proponents of Layer 2s on Bitcoin, expects an explosion of such solutions as the bull run unfolds.

In an interview with CryptoQuant, Held said that the existing Layer 2s, such as Lightning Network, Liquid, and the lesser-known Rootstock, have their own inefficiencies but still believes that the latest resurgence could pave the way for many new players.

“We are seeing a lot of contenders coming out of the woodwork. When we look at how this will play out, I don’t think there’s going to be a winner-take-all-all. There are a lot of different Ethereum L2s, some more successful than others, but I don’t think there’s a winner beat all. We’re going to see a whole spectrum of different types of surface area for design and market strategy. We’ll see an explosion of Bitcoin L2s and probably some of these will be tens of billions of dollars market cap.”

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