MicroStrategy invests $623 million in Bitcoin, now owns over 1% of global supply


Bitcoin development and Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has bought more than 9,000 BTC for $623 million, according to a March 19 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to the filing:

“MicroStrategy acquired approximately 9,245 bitcoins for approximately $623.0 million in cash, using $592.3 million of proceeds from the Offering and $30.7 million of Excess Cash.”

With this latest acquisition, the company has bolstered its Bitcoin holdings to 214,246 BTC. These were procured at an aggregate purchase cost of roughly $7.53 billion, averaging about $35,160 per BTC. The current market value of the company holdings stands at approximately $13.39 billion.

In recent weeks, the Bitcoin development firm has secured substantial funding, amassing over $1.4 billion through debt offerings used to acquire the flagship digital asset.

These purchases align with bullish statements from Michael Saylor, the company executive chairman, about the top digital asset. He recently said Bitcoin will surpass gold as the world’s most valuable commodity, pointing out that BTC has “all of the great attributes of gold, but none of the defects,”

Notably, JPMorgan analysts recently cautioned that MicroStrategy’s reliance on debt to purchase Bitcoin could exacerbate a market downturn.

MSTR shares decline

Meanwhile, MicroStrategy’s latest acquisition has propelled its Bitcoin holdings to more than 1% of the flagship digital asset’s total supply, establishing a pronounced correlation between Bitcoin’s performance and the company’s MSTR stocks.

This correlation is more pronounced today as Bitcoin’s price has declined by more than 6% to around $63,000. In comparison, MSTR shares also plunged by 16% to under $1,300, prompting concerns among analysts regarding the stock’s overvaluation due to its dependence on Bitcoin.

Alpha Spread analysts estimate a staggering 94% overvaluation, assigning an intrinsic value of $84.97 to MSTR. The analysts highlighted the company’s pivot towards a Bitcoin-centric approach over its core business.

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